Not sure if you qualify for a Home Loan?

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned. We have helped many clients get a fresh financial start.

Credit defaults or Judgements
Bad credit cause problems when applying for loans. Having paid and/or unpaid defaults or judgements are very common occurrences and they happen for a variety of reasons. Bad credit includes defaults, judgements, bankruptcy, late payments, loan arrears or credit cards over their limits. A bad credit rating is not a life sentence and with help, can be bought back on track.

We understand this and unlike the banks, we don’t hold credit rating issues against you, rather we focus on finding a solution that helps you. In fact we may be able to help people who consider their credit rating as terrible!

Many people have said to us that they didn’t think anyone could help – but we have.

Current or past Loan Arrears
If you want to refinance or consolidation loan with a bank, your home loan must have been paid on time for at least the last 6 months. Sometimes payments are missed and the loan falls into arrears – that’s life.

We wont penalise you for this and maybe able to help you regardless of the level of home loan arrears. We have helped many people in this situation and have prevented the banks for selling many of our client’s homes. Things can be come very stressful when the bank sends default notices, and the best thing to do is to work quickly and focus on the solution.

Numerous Debts to Consolidate
Banks generally limit the number of debts that they choose consolidate. If any of those debts are in arrears, you can forget refinancing. To us it’s irrelevant on how many debts you have to consolidate. What is most important is that we can offer you a solution that reduces your monthly interest commitment. Our home loan debt consolidation loans can be arranged even if the loans are in arrears or credit cards are over their limits.

Employment Issues
When you have become recently employed or changed jobs, this is often a reason to celebrate. However if you are a bank, this is a great time to ignore you! At Lifeline Financial Services we have seen countless examples of people who have been employed for less than 12 months or recently started/changed a job that have been rejected by a bank for finance. We have some lenders who are prepared to help you, not penalise you