Offering a full suite of loans from a wide range of lenders the important things to remember are:

  • The only loan that is of benefit to you is one that you qualify for.
  • A loan that you are unable to be approved for is just wasting your time and effort in trying to apply for.

Lifeline Financial Services is able to cater to all clients needs, from a simple owner occupied home loan through to complicated loan solutions for investors & business owners.

We specialise in assisting those whose circumstances are outside the ordinary, brought about by credit history challenges through to their personalised requirements.

At all times we remember a vital fact often forgotten by traditional style lenders…It is YOUR LOAN and you make the repayments. Unless we are able to tailor the loan to suit YOUR needs then we have not been totally successful for you.

After carefully listening to your requirements and gathering all required information, we assess the needs you have. We then advise and provide you with the best possible options to suit you.

Once you have chosen the loan option you want to proceed with we work tirelessly to have your loan approved and settled in the shortest timeframe possible, which allows you to get on with the important things in life.