Move your high interest loans into you low interest mortgage.

Refinancing allows you to take control of your finances by moving your high interest consumer loans into a lower interest home loan.

In doing so the amount of interest that you pay each month can be greatly reduced.  Refinancing all your debts into one loan may reduce your monthly outgoings significantly and allow you to get back on track.

We encourage our clients to apply some of their savings to pay off their home loan quicker. Why? Because by making additional payments each month helps greatly in taking years off your home loan term and gives you huge savings in interest payments.

A Real life example
Our client came to us and wanted to refinance their debts. They also needed some extra money to buy another car and they had some blurs on their credit history. Their monthly interest payments were really hurting them and they felt like they were getting no where. Look at their before and after financial snapshot and you will understand why now they are very happy.




By refinancing their high interest loans into their home loan they SAVED $765 per month – that’s a whopping $9,180 per year PLUS they now drive a new car!

IT GETS BETTER, if they were to use only half of the savings they’re now making and apply this to their home loan, then they would pay off their home loan in 16.4 years instead of 30 years AND SAVE OVER $164,855 IN INTEREST PAYMENTS!!

Working out the details – Finding what’s right for you
There are many other issues that we will discuss with you – such as fixed or variable interest rates, principal & interest or interest only loans – but at the end of the process you will have a clear understanding of what the best loan for you is.

It’s not rocket science – Keep it simple!
We offer common sense solutions when it comes to refinancing and the starting place for this is to get a clear understanding of all your current debts.

When is the right time to start?
A lot of our clients often tell us that they wish they had refinanced their debts a long time ago. So the best time to start taking action is NOW. You can call our Nationwide Loan Line any time you like. Our Loan Managers are not restricted to 9.00-5.00 working hours. In fact they speak with their clients mostly after hours when the client gets home from work. So call our Loan Line NOW or apply online